Drone Spraying is Zero impact way of applying Moss & Mould Treatment.

Property Maintenance

Getting onto a roof can be dangerous and a Health & Safety nightmare. Minimum requirements can be scaffold access or skilled harnessed workers. These options are expensive and potentially damaging to the roof.

Drone Spraying a Moss & Mould affected roof removes any access issues, damage potential, and time involved completing the work.

Drone Sprayer work closely with effective and established chemical suppliers, to provide the correct solution for any moss, mould problem.

Drone application of these chemicals is comparatively quick and far less expensive than manual application.

Our team of fully qualified pilots have CAA, & chemical handling certification. 

Drone (UAV) regulations in New Zealand are

Using a Drone (UAV) based spray systems for chemical application on a commercial basis is legal providing you are:

- Part 102 certificate Holder, specifying Agricultural Operations, and operating an aircraft over 25kg.

- Certificate holder in Aerial Application (pilot chemical rating)