All Access Equipment

Four Wheel Drive access is a common occurrence for our jobs.

To service the furthermost reaches of farm properties our "Home Base" vehicle is an Iveco Daily 4x4.

The Daily 4x4 is a purpose-built off road, light commercial truck which features front, centre and rear differential locks and ultra-low gearing straight from the factory - it is one of the most capable light duty trucks available in New Zealand.

Additionally equipped with 750L water storage, high capacity generator, full battery charging station, chemical storage, and H&S equipped area. As well as the fridge and microwave for crew comfort. This is the fully mobile work site, capable of self sufficiency for the entire day.

Efficiency is paramount to the Drone Sprayer crew, mixing and loading chemicals in a safe manner can slow the workflow down. To combat this we use a PolyWest Handler II. 

A 160L fully contained mixer and dispensing unit, keeps harmful chemicals isolated from personnel and the environment until required.

Our equipment and vehicles are second to none, providing access to the greater North Island.