Drone Spraying is the innovative way to control Weeds.

Agricultural Spraying

Our Drone (UAV) spraying system is the answer to controling hard to reach weeds. Spray application for pasture and crops is quick and simple with Drone Spraying.

With full GPS tracking, Lidar Sensors for height tracking, Mission Planner pre-flight programming for Automated flight, and full telemetry logging for flight and application tracking. These features ensure complete coverage, target-ability of specific areas, as well as full reconciliation of flights completed.

Weed management for landowners from lifestyle blocks, to farming/horticultural blocks, to Council environments. Our services can cater to all.

Contact us at Drone Sprayer, we can assess your weed management needs and tailor the best solution for your situation.

Our team of fully qualified pilots have CAA, & chemical handling certification. 

Drone (UAV) regulations in New Zealand are

Using a Drone (UAV) based spray systems for chemical application on a commercial basis is legal providing you are:

- Part 102 certificate Holder, specifying Agricultural Operations, and operating an aircraft over 25kg.

- Certificate holder in Aerial Application (pilot chemical rating)