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Agricultural Spraying

Weed Control with Precision Technology.

Drones are being increasingly used in the agricultural sector for weed control.

Improved weed eradication in environmentally sensitive areas.
Hi-Tech and innovative approach to weed control and farm improvement.

Property Maintenance

Aerial Application of Moss & Mould Suppressant.

No impact solution to roof access for chemical wash application.

Drones are an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution for inspecting roofs and removing lichens, mosses, and mold without damaging the roofing material.


A drone can save you from costly repairs or re-roofing by revealing any issues before they become a problem.

All Access Equipment

4x4 "Home Base" vehicle

Our  21 speed 4x4 Vehicle allows access to the more hard to reach areas of farms or rural properties.

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Benefits to the Landowner

Our Professional team deliver multiple advantages  to landowners.

Accurate application of chemicals using GPS tracking.
Efficient Weed Eradication.
Target Plants Sprayed Easily.
Low Noise Application.
Energy Efficient.
Low Environmental Impact.
Efficient Use of Chemicals.
Real Time Flight Planning.
More Time Targeting Weeds.